I started my working life as an actress, a good profession for those who fear being inconspicuous. You might forgive me if I told you that I was one of a litter of five kids in seven years (no twins) with harried parents who might not get my name right on the first try.  It took the chastening years of adulthood to mature and build a solid center from which I now write.

Those years included several as a freelance writer Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Mirabella, SELF, McCall’s, Playbill, and others. Following that, I entered the ever-evolving field of brand engagement which has been creative, demanding and has introduced me to the world of the marketplace, a major force in all our lives. Alongside professional commitments, I’ve continued my education with an M.A. in Journalism from NYU, studying with Margo Jefferson and Helen Epstein, a professional degree from Georgetown in Executive and Leadership Coaching and now, an MFA from Bennington Writers Seminars which I’m currently pursuing.

I’ve now lived long and hard enough to have had a personal brush with many of the great human themes—love and loss, death and morbidity, infertility and motherhood, abandonment and finding, trajectories of ascent and descent—themes on which I’ve drawn most recently in essays in The New York Times Modern Love column, McSweeney’sYes Magazine and Off-Assignment’s Letter to a Stranger column.