“...the very system that had allowed me to adopt her also made me complicit in severing her roots.”

About Robin

Robin Reif is a writer and storyteller who’s essays and short stories have been published in The New York Times,  McSweeney’s, Ayin Press, Off-Assignment’s Letter to a Stranger columnGlamourSELF and Playbill, among others. She’s also appeared several times at the Moth, the Magnet Theater in NYC, and the Nest Brooklyn. She’s currently working on a memoir of a too-good-to-be-true American family.

Published Work

Robin’s nonfiction includes personal essays, editorials, and reporting on culture, parenting and adoption, women at work, medicine and health, among other topics.

“Jews like Us,” Robin Reif’s poignant fiction debut, evokes a bygone New York and the asymmetrical lives of two families in the aftermath of the Holocaust.

Jews Like Us

Ayin Press

Notable in Best American Essays 2023

One of the top 5 most popular stories of 2022 from Off Assignment

To the Woman Whose Body I Washed...

Letters to a Stranger, Off Assignment

“Any alert woman could have seen it coming; the woman I was felt blindsided.”


2022 Jeffrey E Smith Editor's Prize Winner

The Missouri Review, Spring 2023

“Robin Reif’s impeccably rendered memoir “Oranges” . . . reveals how compassion can emerge from conflict.”

Speer Morgan, Editor-in-Chief
The Missouri Review (vol.44.4)